PUBLIC NOTICE: Transportation Grant Application

Access to reliable transportation is a fundamental need that significantly impacts the quality of life for all individuals, particularly older adults and those with disabilities. In areas lacking effective public transportation, these populations face unique and compounded challenges that hinder their independence, access to essential services, and overall well-being.

ADVOCAP believes that everyone deserves the basic necessities of a healthy and dignified life.

Addressing the transportation needs of older adults and individuals with disabilities is a team effort, involving policy changes, community initiatives, and increased funding for accessible services. By working together, communities can ensure that all members, regardless of age or ability, have the transportation options they need to live full, independent, and connected lives.


ADVOCAP, hereby provides notice that it intends to apply to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for the following transportation projects under Section 5310 to serve seniors and individuals with disabilities in Winnebago County:  Operating Project – Volunteer Transportation Program.

Individuals or agencies wishing to comment or receive additional information about this application should contact Brian Jacobson at or (920) 426-0150.

Formal comments or requests for additional information must be received in writing or by email 14 days after publication.