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The ADVOCAP Board of Directors consists of residents of the three counties we serve; Fond du Lac, Green Lake, and Winnebago. It is a tripartite board with equal representation from local government, community leaders, and low-income people. Board members are active in the communities we serve as leaders, business owners, and members of local government. 

The Board of Directors  identifies the needs of the communities we serve and works with ADVOCAP Staff to determine the best way to meet those needs by establishing goals, formulating strategic plans for Community Action and overseeing the personnel, fiscal, and program policies. 

All past Board of Directors and Executive Committee minutes are available upon request. Requests can be sent to Pam Ziegler via email;

Board Minutes:
Executive Committee Minutes:
Vice President Jay Myrechuck & President Connie Anderson
Board Members Paulette Feld and Darlene Bilstad

Committee Minutes

Standing committees at ADVOCAP are relatively permanent committees that have ongoing duties and responsibilities. These committees are made up entirely of members of the Board of Directors, and derive any authority from the Board of Directors.

ADVOCAP currently has three standing committees: Advocacy & Operations, Finance & Personnel, and Planning & Program Development.

All past Committee minutes are available upon request. Requests can be sent to Pam Ziegler via email;

Finance & Personnel Committee:
Advocacy & Operations Committee:
Planning & Program Development Committee:
Board Members Tami Christian and Joe Gonyo
Board Member Sister Joyann Repp (left) and Guest

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