Business Development

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.” – T.S. Eliot

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Business Development

Creating new and expanding business and job opportunities.

The Business Development Service assists low-income entrepreneurs to start or expand a business by helping to write business plans, providing technical assistance, and teaching business management skills.

ELIGIBILITY: Business Development Services are open to low and moderate income entrepreneurs.

Application Process for Business Development Services:
  • Contact the Business Development Office to request services.
  • All necessary forms are sent to individual for completion.
  • Once forms are complete and returned to the Business Development Office, a meeting is scheduled to discuss business development options.
Contact the Fond du Lac Office to find out how to apply for Business Development Services:
  • Phone: 920-922-7760
  • Email:
Available Services:
  • Business Development Plan
  • Marketing plan development and implementation
  • Micro-loan application assistance
  • Loan preparation
  • Employment recruitment assistance
  • Completing applications required by various state and federal agencies for identification numbers, sellers' permits, and various tax forms
  • Referral services
Annie Culver at Annie's Fountain City Café in Fond du Lac.