Looking for inexpensive ways to have fun this summer? Here’s a list of things you can do from home!

1. Play in the Sprinklers

Throw on your bathing suit and run through the sprinklers. You know you want to.

2. Play a Board Game

Enjoy the cool air conditioner and gather around the kitchen table for a fun family board game. Play an old favorite or borrow a new one from friends or family.

3. Learn a New Skill

Learn to play an instrument, knit, etc. Look for free or cheap classes from your local library. You can also check out the free classes they have at Home Depot. They teach everything from building a bird house to laying tile. At the end of the summer, you’ll have “mad skillz.”

4. Make Popsicles

Pour some of that Kool-Aid in the ice trays, or in some small cups (juice works well too!). Add a spoon for a holder and pop them in the freezer. In a few short hours, you can enjoy delicious popsicles.

5. Watch a Movie

You can check one out from the library, watch it on an over-the-air channel, or go to a movie in the park event.

6. Read a Book

They have these things for free at your local library. Curl up next to the air conditioning vent and read to your heart’s content. Many libraries also offer audiobooks and ebooks in addition to the paper kind. They can be great for reading on the go or listening in the car.

7. Start a Garden

Find some scrap lumber to make a square foot garden in your back yard. Seeds are cheap.
Check the library for books and other information about gardening. Some libraries also offer classes on gardening and may even have a seed library where you can get seeds for free.

8. Build a Fort

Pillow and blanket forts are awesome. Or go big with a fort made of scraps of lumber.

9. Write with Sidewalk Chalk

Unleash your inner artists and show the neighbors what you got. You can even use the chalk to draw a game such as hopscotch for hours of entertainment for you and your kids. After it rains, do it again.

10. Go to the Park

Explore what your city has to offer and plan a frugal family outing. Research the best playgrounds in your area. Ask other parents for their recommendations on fun, free play areas, and parks. Make a goal to see all the parks in your area and swing on every swing set.

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