NAMI Launches NAMI On Campus High School

NAMI is thrilled to announce NAMI On Campus High School, a response to the pressing need for targeted support for youth mental health. With a steadfast commitment to addressing these challenges head-on, NAMI On Campus is extending its reach to high schools nationwide. This expansion marks a pivotal moment in the ongoing effort to create a supported and informed generation.

Supported by NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates, these student-led clubs create safe spaces for open dialogue, peer-led activities and crucial resource-sharing. NAMI On Campus fosters an inclusive environment where all students can get help and learn how to safely navigate through their mental health journey.

Key Priorities:

  • Cultivate a supportive environment for student mental health.
  • Disseminate information on school and community resources.
  • Promote early recognition of mental health signs.
  • Encourage seeking help for mental health challenges.
  • Drive conversation to eliminate mental health stigma.

By becoming a member of a NAMI On Campus, high school students will now become a part of the largest grassroots mental health organization in America. Club leaders have access to the resources, opportunities and support that comes with being part of this national movement, ensuring ongoing support beyond high school years.

Click the link below to find out how you can join or start a NAMI on Campus Club in your area;