Gov. Evers Directs $170 Million in Emergency Funding to Stabilize Child Care

Gov. Evers Directs $170 Million in Emergency Funding to Stabilize Child Care Statewide, Prevent Industry’s Imminent Collapse

Stopgap funding comes as Legislature delays passage of governor’s comprehensive workforce plan even as newly released report shows state coffers at highest balance in state history

MADISON — Gov. Tony Evers today, in a video message to Wisconsinites, announced he’s directing $170 million in emergency funding to the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families (DCF) to continue the Child Care Counts Stabilization Payment Program at current levels through June 2025. While the emergency stopgap measure does not meet the same funding levels Child Care Counts has received previously, it will still provide direct relief to over 4,400 child care providers across the state to help ensure child care providers can afford to keep their doors open and continue providing care for kids to keep workers in Wisconsin’s workforce. 

“I hear nearly every day from small businesses, farmers and producers, school districts, and hospitals and healthcare sectors, among other key industries, who face significant challenges finding workers to fill available jobs—challenges that we know will only be exacerbated by the looming child care crisis facing our state,” said Gov. Evers. “So, it’s unconscionable that, even as Wisconsin has the highest surplus in state history, Republicans won’t pass my comprehensive workforce plan to address our state’s generational workforce challenges and prevent the collapse of our state’s child care industry.

“At the end of the day, I promised I’d do everything I could to stabilize our child care industry, support kids and working families, and reduce barriers to work to ensure our workforce can meet the needs of the 21st Century,” Gov. Evers continued. “While I’m keeping my promise today, I also want to be clear: while I am hopeful this investment will stave off an urgent collapse of our state’s child care industry, this stopgap measure isn’t a permanent solution to the looming child care crisis facing our state. We have billions of dollars readily available to make real, meaningful investments to finally address the pressing issues facing our state. It’s time for Republicans to get serious about solving problems and join us in doing the right thing for our kids and families, our workforce, and our state.”

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