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Mission, Vision and Core Values


To create opportunities for people and communities to reduce poverty and increase self-sufficiency.


All low-income and disadvantaged people in our service area will have the opportunities, assets and tools necessary to obtain the basic necessities of a healthy and dignified life.

Core Values

In order to promote our mission and fulfill our responsibilities to program participants, our communities, partners, funders, and each other, we commit to working by these values:

Be helpful and accountable to those we serve

  • Listen and treat each participant with respect, fairness, compassion and without judgement.
  • Build on strengths and help people find ways to help themselves.
  • Be supportive but expect each participant to take responsibility for his or her own goals.
  • Offer effective, flexible, voluntary and confidential services which meet expressed needs.
  • Involve those we serve in agency planning, decision-making, services and evaluation.

Support and inspire each other--Staff, board and volunteers

  • Treat each other in the same manner as those we serve.
  • Expect competence and personal responsibility.
  • Create a supportive team environment based on trust, communication, honesty and consistency.
  • Recognize and value individual and team achievements.
  • Foster personal and professional growth through opportunities for training.
  • Embrace the diverse backgrounds of people, especially those who have lived in poverty.
  • Take the time to enjoy and appreciate each other.

Build strong community partnerships

  • Involve all community sectors, especially low-income people themselves, in addressing poverty.
  • Take pride in representing ADVOCAP in the community.
  • Participate in collaborative efforts and promote coordinated services.
  • Ensure responsible use of resource and practice high ethical standards.
  • Take a leadership role as an advocate, catalyst and innovator.
  • Follow through on commitments and achieve results.

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