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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ADVOCAP a government agency?

No. ADVOCAP is a private 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. ADVOCAP was founded in 1966 as a community action agency (CAA), which is the name used to identify public and private charities that were established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to fight poverty in local communities. CAAs provide opportunities for people to attain the skills, education and resources needed to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Is there more than one ADVOCAP?

No. ADVOCAP is a non-profit community action agency (CAA) serving Fond du Lac, Green Lake and Winnebago Counties. There are a total of 16 CAAs serving Wisconsin residents. Each CAA has a defined geographic area consisting of one or more counties. For a list of Wisconsin CAAs, see the Wisconsin Community Action Program Association (WISCAP) website at

Are all community action agencies the same?

Yes and no. All community action agencies (CAAs) are the same in that they are independent, non-profit organizations that are community-based and locally controlled by boards composed of one-third people experiencing poverty, one-third local elected officials, and one-third community and business leaders. However, each CAA offers a unique set of programs and services that address the specific issues and needs of the counties served.  Every year, community action agencies (CAAs) analyze their communities' needs to identify strategies that will work best in attacking poverty at the local level. In addition, CAAs conduct a full scale community needs assessment every three years to identify the major poverty issues and the needs of local residents. Every community action agency is unique because its programs and services reflect the specific needs of the local communities it serves.

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