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ADVOCAP Fresh Start House for Sale

We currently have no homes for sale. Please check back later.


Owner Qualifications:

  • Combined household annual income must not exceed maximum level as established by HUD (see chart below) and must demonstrate need for financial assistance

  • Owner(s) must attend Homeowner Development classes

  • Owner(s) must be able to secure a conventional first mortgage

  • Owner(s) must have a minimum of $3,000 for their portion of the down payment

  • This house must be owners primary residence

What is a Green Built home?

A Green Built Home is a home that meets the standards of the Green Built Home Checklist, a tool that incorporates many environmentally sensitive practices throughout the home design and construction process. A Green Built Home saves money and improves health, safety and comfort while conserving and protecting natural resources. These energy-efficient homes incorporate recycled and renewable materials, produce less waste than typical homes, and have a long life-cycle. A Green Built Home provides:

  • Reduced energy and maintenance costs on an on-going basis

  • Better indoor air quality

  • Improved building health, safety and comfort

  • Knowledge that the home has a reduced impact on the environment

What are SIPs?

Structural Insulated Panels

  • High performance building system used in residential and light commercial construction

  • Each panel consists of an insulating foam core sandwiched between two sheets of OSB

  • It is the framing and insulation all in one package

  • One of the most airtight systems available

  • More energy efficient for heating and cooling when compared to a stick built home, thus reducing energy and maintenance costs


Contact Justin McArthur, ADVOCAP Home Buyer/Rehabilitation Specialist, at 920-922-7760 with questions

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